A fireplace is a beautiful element in the house decorum. For some homeowners, the fireplace in the living room is almost an inevitable detail.

Besides being practical and keeping the house warm, a fireplace is a central point of the house. Decorating it in a particular style may be the unique expression of the homeowner.

Some houses have traditional and some have modern, gas fireplaces. If you have a fireplace, you need to be very careful. If not, accidents and fires may happen.

One of the most important details is having the fireplace door. If your fireplace doesn’t have one, it will be difficult to ensure flames stay in the fireplace. To avoid unnecessary hazards, be sure to install a fireplace door. Always turn off the fire and shut the fireplace door when not using it. You shouldn’t leave the fire on or the door open even when you go to sleep.

Having a fireplace door is, besides increasing safety, also very practical. The glass boosts up and radiates more heat than the fireplace without the doors.

Installing the fireplace door is a simple task. Attach the door to the masonry so they fit the firebox opening.

Fireplace doors are usually the last thing on people’s minds. But, you should make this priority. When installing the fireplace doors, be sure it is in line with the walls. Also, check if the seal and the door lock are functioning well. Open and close the doors several times in a row to test the doors.

Why install a door at the fireplace?


Safety How to install a fireplace door easily today

One could never be too cautious with fire. Fire is a good servant, but if you’re not careful, it might be fatal. If you own a fireplace, safety comes first. Not only the fireplace door keeps flames inside, but it also keeps kids or pets from entering the firebox.

A functioning door limits the supply of air and protects from any potential chimney fire accident. 


Protection How to install a fireplace door easily today

One single spark can cause a fire. This is why having the fireplace door is crucial. If there is no door, a spark can fall on some flammable material and spread fire in seconds. Installing the fireplace door will prevent these kinds of accidents.

The best solution is to look for fireplace doors made of some sort of heat-proof material. We recommend buying the fully-tempered glass with the aluminum frame.


Prevention How to install a fireplace door easily today

Fireplaces can be an entrance for rodents, raccoons, birds or any other uninvited visitors. Fireplace doors will keep them out. Besides fireplace doors, it is also good to put some kind of lid over the chimney top.

Steps to install fireplace door

Necessary components

tool How to install a fireplace door easily today

You will need a simple, basic tool kit for this task. All sorts of fireplace doors have the same installation method. You will need scissors, measuring tape, pair of protective gloves, a screwdriver, a drill, a hammer and a pair of clamps. The fireplace has to be cool before you start working.

Install lintel clamps

Necessary-components How to install a fireplace door easily today

You might need help with this part.

  • Position the door to stand on its bottom or lean it to one side with your leg. Find the lintel clamps and floor brackets at the backside of the door.
  • Remove the screws using the screwdriver. Keep them all in one place, you will need them later.
  • Connect the pair of lintel clamps and fix them on the top of the door. Secure the screw holding the lintel clamps. Mind the slots they should enter. You will use these slots to adjust until reaching the lintel lower part. It runs along to the upper side of the fireplace box.
  • Install the floor supporters and screw them in at the bottom side of the door.

Adjust clamps

Adjust-clamps How to install a fireplace door easily today

  • Twist the screws holding the lintel clamps to the top, back frame of the door tightly. Screws suppose to slide into the slots milled in the clamps. You will be able to adjust clamps up or lower them down. They should align with the underside of the lintel standing at the top of the firebox.
  • There should be a pair of L-shaped floor brackets at the bottom of the door. Screw them in place.

Identify and mark for screw holes

While performing the door installation, be careful not to scratch and damage the door.

Make sure there is enough light while doing this. It will increase precision and make the work easier.

  • Hold the door steady in place. Reach inside to determine where the bottom brackets connect with the floor.
  • Make visible markings through the grooves in the brackets. Do this with some kind of thick, bright-colored marker.

Drill the holes

Drill-the-holes How to install a fireplace door easily today

After you marked the required spots, move the door aside and prepare for drilling. You should drill holes about 2 inches deep in the spots you marked before.

Insert lead anchors for screws

Insert-lead-anchors-for-screws How to install a fireplace door easily today

  • After you finish with all the drilling, clean the holes with a vacuum cleaner from any dust and particles.
  • Make sure you always drill the brick. It is more solid and won’t crumble unlike drilling the mortar.
  • Insert lead anchors into the holes and hammer them down until it levels with the brick.

Add door insulation

insulation How to install a fireplace door easily today

You will get fiberglass insulation with the fireplace doors. Put the protective gloves on. You might need to tear off some pieces, after unrolling the fiberglass, so it would fit sideways and at the top of the door.

You should place the insulation into the three channels.

Don’t mind if the fiberglass is not fuzzy. Fiberglass serves to prevent any smoke from getting out of the fireplace. It will also prevent heat from damaging the finish of the door frame.

Hold the door with screws

Steps-to-install-fireplace-door How to install a fireplace door easily today

  • Carefully slide down the fireplace door into the opening. Make sure it falls into the frame so the insulation sticks out on the frame’s edge.
  • Before tightening the screws, check if the door and the fiberglass are leveled out.
  • Twist the screws using the socket wrench. Don’t tight too hard though, so you wouldn’t damage the brick or the lead anchor.

Clamp door to lintel

Hold-the-door-with-screws How to install a fireplace door easily today

You can adjust the clamps that sit at the top of the firebox opening. These clamps are holding together the metal lintel bar and the door.

After the thumbscrew is stable, tighten it a bit more with pair of pliers. But, be careful not to damage the clamp.

Ending thoughts on how to install a fireplace door

When you think about an ideal winter evening, it cannot go without the fireplace. Even though it is very desirable to have one, you should handle it carefully. It can easily go from something beautiful, to hazardous.

You can prevent all this solely by following these steps and tips. You don’t have to be a professional to maintain the fireplace in general. Be responsible and consistent in following the directions.

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