Excellent interior design in office space enhances employee productivity and wellness. It also promotes creativity and boosts business growth in the long run. Therefore, businesses need to adopt authentic and people-centered interior designs.

Interior designers’ employment is projected to grow by 4% between 2018 and 2028.  And as the industry grows, it’s crucial to know the recent office interior design trends with the aim of making the working place more ergonomic.

Trendy Interior Designs to Incorporate in Your Office

In the ever-changing business environment, it’s essential to incorporate top interior designs that can adapt to new technologies and business growth.

The décor should promote innovation, wellness, and productivity. Without further ado below are 6 practical interior design trends you should know.

  1. Sustainability is Taking Center Stage

As the business continues to evolve, sustainable designs are taking the top spot (using eco-friendly, recyclable, and sustainable building materials). In addition, the designs are energy efficient and technology-driven.

photo-1570126618953-d437176e8c79 6 Practical Office Interior Design Trends Of 2020

Most companies are adopting these designs to promote the employees’ wellbeing, environment conservation, and enhance building performance.

Overall, they can bring environmental wellness while lifting the employees’ spirits and hence making them more productive.

  1. Natural Light for More Productivity

The use of natural light is a growing trend. Daylight and nature are usually attractive to humans.

Most companies are looking for ways to harness natural light using ventilations and windows. It improves job satisfaction and makes workers comfortable, happy, and productive.

photo-1556761175-4b46a572b786 6 Practical Office Interior Design Trends Of 2020

Companies should prioritize using natural light while complementing it with smart lighting options. In spaces that are impossible to use natural light, consider using modern lighting. These lighting solutions also tend to be more energy-efficient and have an impressive appearance. Biodynamic lights balance natural light and indoor lighting.

  1. Classy Wallpaper to Add Style to Your Office

Using decorative wallpaper is one of the easiest ways to decorate an office. It makes your office aesthetically pleasing.

When choosing a wallpaper, ensure it complements the overall theme in your space. You should hang the wallpaper on the accent wall to maintain a professional look in your office.

Excellent wallpaper can lift your spirits and provide a feeling of relaxation. No one wants to work in a dull and gloomy ambiance.

One major advantage of using wallpapers is that they are relatively economical compared to painting. A suitable wallpaper should incorporate your favorite color, print or pattern.

  1. Bring Nature Inside your Office by Going Green 

Going green to boost your employee productivity and morale. Biophilic design goes beyond putting a desk plant in your office.  It also involves using nature-based flooring, biodynamic lighting, and natural elements such as wood and stone materials.

Incorporating organic patterns into the buildings enhance the connection between human and nature. Vertical gardens and hanging vegetations bring fresh air into the office and make the office more attractive.

Most businesses are using a Biophilia design to create a positive aura in the office. Lastly, incorporating greenery shows you care about the environment making your business endearing to environment-conscious employees.

  1. Privacy Pods are on the Rise

The idea behind using screens and walls to partition walls was to minimize distractions. The partitioned spaces are supposed to be comfortable and productive.

However, most businesses have made offices cramped in a bid to save on cost and space. This has led to the adoption of open office design.

Currently, there is a growing trend of using privacy pods. Unlike the traditional cubicles and open offices, the new pods come with distraction-free and soundproof features.

The pods allow the employees to concentrate and focus while doing their jobs. Privacy pods work in tandem with an open office layout.

  1. Wood is Making a Comeback

Most office furniture and office space, in general, use metal and whiteboard materials. Top companies are leaning toward organic and authentic materials to attract top talents.

photo-1510074377623-8cf13fb86c08-2 6 Practical Office Interior Design Trends Of 2020

Wood patterning and paneling are appealing architectural design that will catch the eye of visitors.

Here is another interesting thing. Businesses are now focusing on designing their facilities to meet employees’ expectations.

Elegant hardwood brings nature inside your office. The light color of oak can brighten your office and boost the productivity and morale of workers.

Interior designers are incorporating natural accents and sustainable woodwork. Wood can be used in countertops, flooring, accents, and walls.

Give Your Office a New Look!

A well-decorated office is not only aesthetically appealing but also enhances productivity. It’s, therefore, imperative that you breathe a new life to your office using top-notch interior designs.

You should be up to date with recent interior design trends. Some of the prominent trends include sustainable decorations, wallpaper, and using natural light as well as privacy pods.

Remember, interior design has an impact on your brand identity. While tweaking the color, style, and texture of your office, ensure they complement your brand and business objectives.