When you want to give your living room a little “makeover,” you may think about repainting or buying some expensive furniture and get discouraged. Maybe this doesn’t fit your budget, or you simply don’t have time for significant changes. If this sounds like you – don’t worry. Creating a welcoming space is possible without spending a lot of cash on big renovations. By combining some practical, aesthetically pleasing, and affordable options, you can create a living room you and your family will enjoy.

There are plenty of living room ideas out there, but before you jump into it, it’s important to take a few steps to prepare.

Measuring a room is essential, and it can save you a lot of stress. It will help you have a clear idea and be realistic because you don’t want to buy an oversized item or spend a lot of money on the paint you don’t actually need. It can also give you a chance to look up similar-sized rooms online for some inspiration.

Knowing your design style and the aesthetics you prefer will also save you precious time. Do you like minimalist, bright spaces, or you feel that a little bit of clutter makes a living room cozy? Still, you don’t need to match everything, and it’s nice to experiment and be creative. Even the best interior designers tend to blend styles to create something new and original.

Last but not least is to concentrate on items that are both pretty to look at and functional. This is especially important for small spaces. Try making the most out of every inch of it without making it too cluttered.

If you wish to create your dream living room, but you aren’t sure where to start and need some ideas – this is the article for you. Here are some affordable yet great suggestions on how to liven up your space.

Give Your Sofas A Refreshment

Does your sofa look boring and out of style? Before investing in a new one, you should consider buying a few cushions to spice it up. It is a quick and budget-friendly way to refresh your sofa and the entire living room. If you like to change it up regularly, buying different cushion covers is a great idea. You can swap them out easily when you get tired of them or if a new trend hits.

The most important thing is to identify your colors and match them properly. An advice from is to select one to three colors and choose ones that won’t clash. If you want to follow the modern approach, you should know that the cushions shouldn’t be the same color as your sofa because that style is considered outdated. By adding cushions, you have a great opportunity to add new texture and color to the room, and the contrast can be as effective as adding a new art piece to your wall.

2021-01-18-09_35_28-Window 2 Affordable Yet Powerful Ways To Liven Up Your Living Room

Add House Plants

Out of all the different ways to sneak a bit of nature into your living room, adding plants is the most important and beneficial one. Plants don’t only look nice and have an aesthetic value, but they affect your actual health. Plants reduce toxins in the air and improve air quality. Some of them even have various aromatherapy benefits. Studies have shown that plants can help you sleep better and have more energy, and lowering blood pressure and stress levels are great benefits.

Health benefits aside, plants work great as decor accessories because they offer various colors and textures. If your living room has a lot of empty space and too little green, a floor plant can be a great solution. Take a look around your living room. If you notice an empty corner or space somehow doesn’t seem complete, a floor plant could be the missing ingredient.

Green isn’t the only color available to you, so you should consider that extra pop of color that blooming plants offer. They also have many health and aromatherapy advantages. Orchids are the most popular option at the moment. Stylists and interior designers recommend them because of the bright colors and nice silhouettes. They can last very long if you take proper care of them, and they make a statement no matter where you place them in a room.

2021-01-18-09_36_07-Window 2 Affordable Yet Powerful Ways To Liven Up Your Living Room

Creating a healthier, happier living space doesn’t need that much effort or money as people may think. By adding a little warmth and colors, playing around, and freshening the fabrics, you can really make it original. When you make these two small changes, you will enjoy your living room much more, as well as your family members and guests.