Here are some contemporary door and window designs that will transform any home into a statement home.

Going the Minimalist Way

The minimalist aesthetic design is rapidly gaining popularity around the world. It entails eliminating over-the-top accessories and creates a less is more approach with sleek profiles and clean design. For instance, stunning aluminium sliding doors are space-saving and give your home an elegant minimalist look.

The frames are slim and streamlined, leaving room for more glass area. You can also choose TOSTEM INDIA as a partner for selecting high-end windows with a concealed sash, providing an isometric view.

Uncompromising Walkway

Leave the traffic for the highways and give your home the most expansive walkway. Bi-folding aluminium doors are a large walkway decor trend. These doors that zigzag onto themselves take less room and increase the width of the walkway.

You can also use bi-fold windows to increase ventilation and establish a seamless link between your home’s interior and exterior surroundings. The flexibility of the aluminium bi-folds is why they are a desirable window and door design for different home styles. These doors can range from a single bi-fold to an entire wall of aluminium bi-fold doors, making them an attractive choice for contemporary home settings.

The Fashion of Curve

There is no doubt that curved walls and floors are back in style, louder than ever. Custom curved aluminium windows bring a distinct feature to any home. Neat, plain frames with curved glasses are the perfect way to bring out a contemporary, chic aesthetic look.

These windows complement modern homes by giving a unique flair to the mundane walls. A curved window also creates a curved roofline and adds a delicate touch to your home, allowing you to achieve a fusion of classical-modern architectural glam.

Angle It Up

Be imaginative and make the most of the light and style of your home with angular and corner windows. Surging in popularity, such windows are a fantastic way to give your home and office a contemporary makeover.

Using angled windows draws attention to a unique wall, ceiling form, and a specified area. Switching from boring vertical frames to bold angular frames emphasises a striking design and adds a new-age look to modern and traditional homes.

Enhanced Security

TOSTEM INDIA has engineered submerged sill, preventing water ingress. However, the solution is unlike generic skills. The submerged sill at the bottom of the door ensures safe passage for children, elders, and individuals in wheelchairs without fear of getting hurt.

You can select doors and windows as per your requirements. For instance, you can choose products with door handles like L-fit, Door Knobs, or Push handles. From the security standpoint, the crescent locking mechanism has come forth as one of the safest variants. It provides the following overarching benefits:

  • It is installed in the middle on central sashes, ensuring sleek side profiles
  • It is more sturdy and offers more security as compared to push locks
  • It can be locked in one position, and it is easy for the user to see if the lock is in place.
  • Offered with a secondary lock that stops the crescent lock from inadvertently getting opened

Get the Best of Both Worlds

Wooden doors are not ideal under extreme weather conditions and prone to termite infestation. But, wooden doors provide incredible aesthetic value. A few manufacturers like TOSTEM INDIA have engineered new age doors composed of aluminium possessing the finish of wooden doors.

Such new-age wooden finished aluminium doors do not contract or expand like wood. More importantly, TOSTEM’s TEXGUARD coating makes the doors retain the paint coating and lustre for a longer time, making it scratch-free and dust-free, thus requiring minimal maintenance. Homeowners can also modify the colour, which can last upto 40 years, thanks to the TEXGUARD coating system. For instance, you can select black french doors, swing doors, and more.


In this blog, we have discussed the contemporary decor designs worth considering as a source of inspiration for your home ventures. Hiring reputed and experienced aluminium window door manufacturers can provide you with high-quality modern designs and peace of mind. If a home upgrade is on your mind, consider services from reputed names in the housing industry to achieve a top-quality, modern finish along with visual gratification.