The Happiness Trap Shop

Giftware, artisan jewellery, authentic handmade knits and tableware, bespoke Yoga attire and many more … At The Happiness Trap, we like different. We’re passionate about items which are lovingly crafted and sustainable, so we work with the best Irish companies as well as carefully select international brands whose ethos and philosophy matches our own. We want to give something to the community – so we don’t think twice about working hard to bring you products as unique as you are.

Our beautiful knits come from county Kildare, where they have been made using the same methods since 1957. Our supplier, Aran Craft knitwear, is the largest manufacturer of Aran goods in Ireland, with a wealth of heritage, tradition and experience. These beautifully made pieces will take you from autumn to spring, year after year. When you buy Aran Crafts, you can be sure of investing in a high quality garment, and feel good about supporting something uniquely Irish.

Yoga Wear & Accessories
The Sanskrit word ‘yoga’ literally means ‘to unite’ – your body with your mind, your inside with your outside, your balance with your feet… So it’s important to wear non-constricting clothes and use a mat with the right amount of grip and padding. And while yoga practice starts on the inside, being comfortable and well-kitted out gives you a head start. At The Happiness Trap, we offer a variety of yoga gear suitable for everyone – from the casual sun solution practitioner, to the most flexible yogi. Choose from Manduka, Wai Lana, Yoga Studio Lab, and many other brands.

Craft & Art
We work with local ceramicists, giftware makers and jewellers and stock beautiful, seasonal craft. This produce is unique and often limited, so when you buy craft from The Happiness Trap you can be sure you are getting something special. We also sell a carefully curated selection of local art. Current craft makers and artists include jewellers Robyn Galway and Shannon McShane, ceramicist Thomas Powell, weaver Louise Hardman and artists Marjorie Leonard, Alan Bradshaw and Tara Moran-Woods.

Health & Beauty Products
We have a selection of beauty and health items to take care of your skin and body … naturally. Our selection is compiled of fantastic brands which proudly use all-natural ingredients, and all of our stock is free from animal-testing. We are also happy to tell you that our luxurious yet affordable bath products completely free from palm oil, an infamous ingredient which contributes to the rapid destruction of rainforests. Visit The Happiness Trap for beauty which doesn’t cost the Earth, and treat yourself with Dr. Hauschka, Green People, The Eco Bath and Atlantic Aromatics to name a few.

Beautiful Selection of Clothes & Jewellery from India and Nepal
In November 2016, Happiness Trap owners Laura and Alan travelled to India with the intent of finding the best Indian produce manufacturers and bring a bit of India back to Fermanagh. The result is our Indian stock range, featuring a colourful and unique array of Indian clothes, accessories, singing bowls and home accessories. Some of these items work perfectly for yoga, while others make a beautiful, inimitable addition to any outfit or a bespoke home decoration. Buying these authentic Indian and Nepalese items from The Happiness Trap supports ethical trade, and send you off in style.

We stock a range of cookery, health, philosophy and travel books. All our books are hand-picked by us to shed some light on where our ethos derives from, so expect heartening, insightful reads. From books on running and nutrition, to gardening and novels – we are sure you will find something of interest.

Our shop opening hours are 10 am – 5.30 pm Monday to Sunday. We operate a mobility lift for the less mobile customers.