Lunch Menu

Roasted Mediterranean vegetable spelt Lasagne

Thai green curry

Beetroot/ carrot and potato gratin

Rainbow enchiladas

Homemade red and black tapenade on homemade bread

Portuguese – style stuffed red peppers

Filo pastry vegetables bake

Lentil Shepard’s pie

Savoury pancakes

Deluxe white bean burger

Kohlrabi roastie

Courgette burgers

Homemade pizza

Aubergine parmigiana

Fennel, carrot and potato gratin with forest mushroom sauce

Chocolate chilli

Spanish veg paella

Black bean roasted garlic burgers

Falafel wraps

Potato cakes

African peanut stew

North African vegetable stew

Courgette and aubergine moussaka

Vegetable bake in roster pepper and cashew nut sauce

Leek, fennel and potato gratin

Cauliflower , broccoli and vegetable paella

Mexican enchiladas

White bean and roast Mediterranean vegetable pie with basil mash

Southern Rio stew

Green falafel

Cauliflower and cheese sauce gratin

Cauliflower cheese

Polenta baked with tomatoes, corn and basil

Spicy potato chickpea patties

Five bean chocolate chilli

Vegan Spanakopita – Greek spinach pis

Kohlrabi. Kumara roastie with cashew dip

Odia buta Dali alu tarkari

Coconut poppy seed curry

Potatoes. Green bean stew

Homemade mushroom bruschetta

Stuffed courgettes

Roasted stuffed peppers

Stuffed mushrooms

Homemade cabbage parcels

Courgette. Fritters

Chickpea and pumpkin stew

Vegetable pasta bake

Vindaloo vegetables curry

Indian Biryani

Coconut Chang masala with spinach

Mung dhal

Aloo hari matar foogath (potato green pea stew)

Cauliflower and potato curry

Creamy mung dal with chopped spinach

Coconut Thai curry with adzuki and mung beans

Sri Lanka veg curry

Vietnamese sweet almond curry

Bengali butternut squash with chickpeas

Romanesco cauliflower curry with mango chutney and green rice

Winter vegetable curry

Chickpea and potato curry

Mung split dhal Korakunda curry

Rich Vegetable korma curry

Red lentil dhal with cashew nuts

Maharashtra curry

If you have any dietary requirements, please ask one of our staff for further information.